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Lubes & Chemicals: WD-40 BLUE WORKS

WD-40 Blue Works  brand industrial maintenance productsEight new specialty maintenance products are now available.

WD-40 Company, maker of the trusted and versatile WD-40, is introducing BLUE WORKS – a new line of industrial-strength, specialty maintenance products that surpass industry standards and deliver superior performance under tough conditions.

The BLUE WORKS product line consists of eight products: Contact Cleaner; Degreaser; Dry Lube PTFE Formula; High-Performance PTFE Lubricant; Multi-Purpose Lubricant; Penetrant; Silicone; and White Lithium Grease.

Developed at the WD-40 Research and Development Center, BLUE WORKS is the first line of products that carries the WD-40 Company signature on its cans. Each product in the BLUE WORKS line is Industrial Grade, and multiple independent ASTM tests show BLUE WORKS outperforms the leading competitors in key performance areas.

“Industrial professionals and maintenance workers need products that work and meet their technical requirements,” said Dr. Ernest Bernarducci, vice president of research and technology at WD-40 Company. “The BLUE WORKS line consists of high-quality specialty maintenance products that perform exceptionally well in each of their categories, and will help those working in manufacturing, industrial or assembly facilities to do their jobs better.”

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