April/May 2012 print edition of Contractor Supply magazine

The following selected stories appeared in the April/May 2012 issue of Contractor Supply magazine.

Contractor Supply, April/May 2012 IssueCover Story:
Mann's Best Friends
South Carolina's Mann Tool carves its niche with woodworkers.

STAFDA News April/May 2012:
STAFDA's Orlando General Session Speakers Announced — Condoleezza Rice to Keynote.

Sealants: Expanding your sales with foam

Safety: Safe and Sound
The outlook: partly cloudy with a chance of rain.

Cashflow Consultant: Abe WalkingBear:When Salespeople Become Bread Men, part 2

Inventory Consultant: Jon Schreibfeder: Cycle Counting, Part 2

Distribution Consultant: Jason Bader: The Safe Warehouse

Guest Consultant: M. Jay Hielbrunn: The Value of Excess and Obsolete Inventory