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Bex Air Wisk NozzleAir Tools

Air Tools: Bex Air Wisk Nozzle

The Bex Air Wisk nozzle produces a quiet, fast moving, very concentrated flat fan pattern or high impact air for cooling, drying, and blow off applications.

The air stream is produced by taking in a low pressure volume of compressed air and discharging it though 16 precision recessed orifices.

It is made of durable ABS plastic and has several mounting holes to ensure accurate alignment.

It measures 3 9/16 inches long.

Noise level (db) 30 psig - 77.3; 40 psig - 80.4. Total Capacity (SCFM) 10 psig - 6.3; 30 psig - 11.8; 40 psig - 14.4; 80 psig 24.9.

Maximum temperature 150°F. Maximum pressure 100 psig.