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Milwaukee PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus ExtensionsDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Milwaukee PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions

Milwaukee Tool continues to enhance productivity on the jobsite with the introduction of the new PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions.

These game-changing accessories can be used for extended reach and deep hole drilling and are universal with all SDS-Plus rotary hammers and accessories, including drill bits, chisels, core bits, and rebar cutters.

When drilling holes for concrete anchors, it’s not uncommon to encounter obstructions, such as previously installed pipe, which can create a tight fit for the rotary hammer.

In these situations, users have had to create their own solutions to get more reach. The PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions change all of this by easily locking into the bit for a tool-free connection, allowing users to finally achieve the reach necessary to drill the hole in the desired location without the need for long drill bits.

Each extension also outlasts several drill bits and is built to withstand aggressive applications such as side-loading or drilling through rebar in concrete.

PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus Extensions

  • PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus 12” Extension (48-20-6940)
  • PLUS-LOK SDS-Plus 18” Extension (48-20-6945)

Milwaukee Tool continues to aggressively expand its lineup of power tool accessories designed for masonry and concrete applications through game-changing solutions that save time and increase productivity on the jobsite. Visit for full listing of new concrete chipping and drilling accessories.