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Drill Bits: Bosch Carbide Bushing Tool

Concrete work demands immediate, get-it-done-right-the-first-time tools; there’s no time to waste on a “could-work” solution. The new two-piece Bosch Carbide Bushing Tool is engineered specifically for concrete roughing or chipping jobs that require a quick, easy-to-use power tool accessory.

The Bosch Carbide Bushing Tool starts with the solid power transfer delivered by an optimized shank to maintain constant pressure on the tool head.  The two-piece system allows the user to apply the shank or head unit with other systems, and the head alone can be replaced when worn to save time and money.  Bosch shank options include an 8-inch SDS-max, a 12-inch round hex and a 12-inch 3/4-inch hex.

The Bosch Carbide Bushing Tool, with a head that measures 2 x 2 inches and features 25 carbide-tipped pyramid points, can be used with demolition hammers and combination hammers.  It can prepare a rough concrete surface or remove excess concrete where chipping, cleaning or gouging are required.  The bushing tool does a better job than a grinder with a cup wheel in these applications because the bushing tool doesn’t require dust control.