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Driltec JET-HEAD and BIONIC drill bitsDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Drill Bits: Driltec JET-HEAD and BIONIC drill bits

Driltec JET-HEAD drill bits.

New rotary hammer developments with emphasis on ergonomics and operator convenience have challenged us to maximize those advancements. The patented JET-HEAD drill bits together with the brand new BIONIC drill bits made those challenges reality.

Independently verified performance tests prove that the new BIONIC drill bits not only are exceptionally fast but to also substantially outperform other leading manufacturers when it comes to drill bit life and performance.

The BIONIC drill bit's unique concaved carbide tip and the all new TWINMAX spiral flute will be extended throughout all rotary hammer drill bits where applicable.

SDS-Top drill bits, chisels and core bits for the all new mid-range rotary hammer generation as well as Rebar-Cutters are further evidence of DRILTEC's commitment to market leadership and customer service.

DRILTEC rotary hammer accessories are designed and built in accordance to power tool manufacturer's specifications and licenses in order to maximize as well as optimize rotary hammer performance. Throughout the production processes strict quality assurance programs are enforced to ensure consistency and superior standard of quality. Research, modern production techniques combined with the latest in manufacturing equipment are put to work in the manufacture of highest quality DRILTEC carbide tipped drill bits and accessories.

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