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Tool Boxes: Bosch Click & Go System

With the new Bosch Click & Go system, which includes L-Boxx storage solutions, Bosch Power Tools is providing contractors and professionals with an innovative and customizable system that maximizes jobsite productivity with its versatility, durability and portability.

The Click & Go system features a wide variety of L-Boxxes, a series of inlays, inserts, trays and drawers as well as two transportation options, the L-Cart and L-Dolly. Contractors, plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals can mix and match any of the above items to create their own personalized storage solution to meet individual, company, trade or job-specific needs to work easily and effectively.

Made of durable, reinforced, ABS plastic, the L-Boxx cases withstand tough jobsite conditions. The cases are available in four, comfortable height options varying from 4 and ½-inches to 15-inches and include the L-Boxx-1, L-Boxx-1A, L-Boxx-2, L-Boxx-3 and L-Boxx-4, allowing users to select the L-boxx that best suits their needs and various tools and accessories.

All models feature single-click stacking making the tool cases easy to lock together and transport while top, front and side handles offer comfortable handling in any situation.

Locking clips on the cases are easy to secure and unlock for fast access to tools. All L-Boxx cases feature a water resistant design and can be locked with a padlock - protecting supplies and tools from the elements and theft when stored in truck beds or in open areas on the jobsite.

For complete customization, users can select from a series of Exact-Fit trays, inlays and inserts available in different colors and sizes. These modular organizers for the L-Boxx-1 and L-Boxx-2 conveniently store bits, blades, fasteners and hand tools underneath power tools being kept in the case.

Whether storing Bosch or competitor tools, or materials such as caulk or wiring, these personalization options guarantee professionals can design a Click & Go system with a place for everything they need on the jobsite.

Once clicked together, L-Boxxes can be easily transported using either the L-Cart or L-Dolly. Both mobility solutions feature durable, reinforced composite moldings, aluminum construction and robust rubber wheels for transportation across rough surfaces.

The L-Cart boasts an accordion design, allowing users to fold it into three different positions for increased portability. The L-Cart’s capacity allows it to hold several fully-loaded L-Boxxes once secured to the cart. Bungee straps are available for added support during transportation across uneven terrain. Additionally, the L-Dolly can hold L-Boxxes up to 5 inches in height and features 360 degree spinners allowing all four wheels to rotate in a full circle for greater mobility in tight areas.

The L-Boxx-1, L-Boxx-1A, L-Boxx-2, L-Boxx-3 and L-Boxx-4 are currently available. The L-Cart, L-Dolly, and the L-Boxx-3D, which will feature three drawer options for increased system flexibility, will all be available in December. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit