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Concord Industrial TECNO COAT Premier Carbide Circular Saw BladesBlades

Concord Industrial TECNO COAT Premier Carbide Circular Saw Blades 

Concord Industrial Product’s engineering group has spent the last several years developing TECNO COAT technology for its premier carbide circular saw blade line of products. This new line for circular saw blades comes with 30 years of saw blade manufacturing experience and engineering.

The formula used on all TECNO COAT circular saw blades is the newest generation of PTFE coatings being introduced to our industries. This coating is specially bonded to the blade and is used to enhance the performance and life cycle of our carbide tipped blades.

There are many brands of circular saw blades offered in the market, some are supplied to power tool companies as accessories for their programs and others are true manufacturers of their blades. Saw blades that have a painted or powder coated surface are not the same as saw blades that offer PTFE coating like Concord’s TECNO COAT Series.

Concord’s laser cut blades feature the highest quality Tungsten Carbide and Steel Cores for this complete line of coated blades. The benefits of the TECNO COAT blades will greatly reduce material build up, reduce heat retention, reduced friction and cutting resistance, and the prevention of rusting.

This combined with our Anti Friction Vents and Heat Expansion Slots produce a safer, stronger, user friendly cutting blade generating 10 times more cuts.

"Concord’s new TECNO COAT circular saw blades will set the new standard in the industry for wood and metal cutting applications."

To learn more about this exciting new line of cutting blades check us out at or call 888.591.8711 for a digital catalog of our products.