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Crescent Lufkin Control Series Tape Measures 

Crescent Lufkin has launched the Control Series of tape measures, the next generation of tapes that combine a professional feel and finish with the innovations that tradespeople need. The new features are designed to help tackle issues that other tape measures can’t, helping users get the job done more efficiently.

“Innovation without quality is called a gimmick. Quality without innovation is called lazy. But when you have both, you raise expectations for what something should have always been,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, product manager for Crescent Lufkin. “The Control Series builds on our long legacy of quality tapes by adding meaningful features that professionals appreciate. There’s nothing ‘gimmicky’ about these tapes.”

The 1-3/16” wide tape with extra-large print has 12 feet of standout, while the matte finish reduces glare and protects the blade, ensuring that it holds up through heavy use. The finger brake beneath the tape’s feed allows the user to control the blade without risk of pinching, and the blade can be locked in place with the wide lock button protected by over-mold rails.

Ergonomic, light-weight and compact, Control Series tapes are ideal for everyday use, and the 360-degree end hook is designed to grip material from all sides. The integrated tether point allows for easy tethering when working from taller heights. If it does fall, Control Series tapes are tough, surviving more than 50 one-story drops during real-life testing.

The Control Series offers eight options, including an engineers’ blade, two metric versions, and a version with Crescent Lufkin’s Nite Eye color scheme for greater legibility.

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