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DBI-SALA Powered Climb Assist SystemScaffolds & Ladders

Scaffolds & Ladders: DBI-SALA Powered Climb Assist System

Capital Safety, home of the DBI-SALA and PROTECTA brands of fall protection equipment, announces the new DBI-SALA Powered Climb Assist System, specifically developed to provide assistance for those who climb the internal ladders of wind towers.

The new system – which features a wire cable, wire cable grip and lanyard assembly, portable motor control unit, cable tensioning system, and top and bottom bracket assemblies – adjusts to environmental conditions and adapts to end-user movement to allow users to ascend and descend effortlessly. This personalized adjustment system suits a wide range of climbing styles and user weights, and can be easily transported to support multiple systems and wind towers.

“Wind turbines can be tiresome and time-consuming to climb, and when workers are worn-out, their safety and productivity is compromised,” said Chris Elder, engineered systems senior product manager at Capital Safety. “Our new Powered Climb Assist System by DBI-SALA provides weight-relief to workers, which reduces fatigue and improves climbing longevity. The system design enhances the total assist range with five force level settings, so workers can get the job done faster, easier and, ultimately, safer.”

The DBI-SALA® Powered Climb Assist System is a non-fall arrest rated system and is used in conjunction with an approved ladder safety system. Optional power cords are available to match appropriate receptacles to meet global compatibility.

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