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Scaffolds & Ladders: Bigg Lugg XT Ladder Lugg

Imagine having a workstation that never leaves your ladder. Peter Kahn, Inventor & CEO of Bigg Lugg Products has developed a new way to work smarter, easier, faster & safer.

With the newly developed XT Ladder Lugg you can hold paint cans, utility buckets and caulking guns right where you’re working.

Simply place the XT Ladder Lugg into any rung and push in until its teeth lock in place. By utilizing the Bigg Lugg 2 you can also hang tools, such as screw guns, nail guns, sanders, heat guns, small circular saws and more.

At the end of the workday, there’s no need to remove the XT Ladder Lugg. Simply push it flush to ladder’s side rail with ring left outside and you are off to your next job.