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DEWALT Tool Connect Construction Asset Gateway

DEWALT announces the latest advancement in its comprehensive TOOL CONNECT™ System, the TOOL CONNECT™ Construction Asset Gateway (DCE081), which can be deployed in jobsite boxes, vehicles, and tool cribs to automatically audit inventory and provide total jobsite visibility in Site Manager.

TOOL CONNECT™ today offers intuitive, free, and easy to use inventory tracking software via the Site Manager website and mobile app. Tools are managed using more than 35 different hardware solutions, including TOOL CONNECT™ tools, Chip-Ready tools, Tag-Ready tools, TOOL CONNECT™ batteries, the DCE040 20V Adapter, and the DCE041 TOOL CONNECT™ Tag that can attach to jobsite assets.

Now, with the release of the TOOL CONNECT™ Construction Asset Gateway, there is no longer a requirement to use a mobile device to scan for tools and assets; this connected gateway is ready out of the box to track jobsite inventory in real time.

The Construction Asset Gateway connects the TOOL CONNECT™ system to Site Manager via a pre-paid cellular connection and associated assets to GPS coordinates. The gateway contains an internal battery designed for six months of operation per charge, or can be powered by the USB Power Cord and USB Power Brick (included). The Construction Asset Gateway enhances the capabilities of TOOL CONNECT™ Site Manager bringing information from the field seamlessly and automatically into the software, allowing users to get the right tools in the right hands, improve crew accountability, and locate connected assets across multiple jobsites.

The Construction Asset Gateway uses Bluetooth and cellular connectivity to scan an area for inventory, providing automatic customizable audits and location data.

The Construction Asset Gateway is available now for $399 MSRP where DEWALT products are sold. For more information on DEWALT tools visit