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Encore Wire MC-LED Healthcare Cable

Encore Wire introduces their newest addition in the existing Type MC-LED (Type PCS) product line, MC-LED Healthcare, the next generation of Encore’s hybrid power and control/signal conductor cable system.

MC-LED Healthcare incorporates Encore’s advanced SmartGround technology, which provides the required redundant grounding path demanded by Section 517.13(a) of the National Electrical Code for use in patient care areas of hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, outpatient and other types of healthcare facilities.

"As emerging energy saving technology rapidly expands in the 21st century, so should the cabling technology that powers the world's energy conservation," said Paul Abernathy, Encore Wire Codes & Standards Manager. "Encore Wire’s Type MC-LED Healthcare cable was specifically designed to adapt and overcome existing cable limitations with proven innovative solutions.”  

MC-LED Healthcare is ideal for use in 0-10V dimming control and energy management systems in health care facilities where energy management is critical to effective and sustainable operations. Encore’s specialized redundant grounding system features a bare aluminum bonding/grounding conductor installed in intimate contact with all convolutions within the armored cable system, which ensures a more effective and reliable grounding system in health care environments where grounding and bonding redundancy is critical to environmental safety.

MC-LED Healthcare is available with 12 AWG or 10 AWG CU Type THHN/THWN-2 power conductors, along with an individually twisted and jacketed pair of 16 AWG CU Type TFN or equivalent conductors.

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