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Epson LABELWORKS LW-PX750 Label Printer

The new Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX750 is a portable and PC-connectible label and barcode printer with exclusive time- and cost-saving features for creating custom and compliant labels up to 1" (24 mm) wide.

The LW-PX750 comes with LABELWORKS PX’s unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Organize tool cribs, identify storage bins, make safety labels, tag assets and do more with the LW-PX750. With application-specific hot keys for barcoding, asset management, mixed-length and half-cut labels, the LW-PX750 offers extraordinary flexibility.

The LW-PX750’s unique Mixed-Length feature prints variable-length labels on a single, half-cut strip, saving both time and tape. The Pick-and-Print feature allows users to queue a series of labels that the printer will print, cut and then hold until removed. Import images and Excel files and print on the go using the powerful, easy-to-use Label Editor Professional software.

With LABELWORKS PX innovative tape rollback technology, there’s less lead margin waste as compared to other brands. The Energy Star-Certified LW-PX750 also features innovative PeelGuard, a built-in automatic cutter that rounds label corners to extend the life and durability of a label.

“The LW-PX750 is the latest in the LABELWORKS PX line of printers with innovative features that save time and money,” says Andrew Kasun, marketing manager for Epson LABELWORKS PX. “Datacom, electrical, warehouse and industrial professionals will be impressed by the PX750’s versatility, wide range of supplies, and ease of use for almost any labeling application at their PC workstations or standalone in the field.”

The LW-PX750 uses LABELWORKS PX industrial supplies from 1/8" (4 mm) to 1" (24 mm) wide, including self-laminating wraps, heat shrink tubing, magnetic tape, strong adhesive, removable adhesive and more.

Durable LABELWORKS PX supplies have more material per cartridge and are designed to simplify supply selection for professional and industrial visual identification throughout the facility or on the job site.

Epson LABELWORKS PX products are available through K-Sun’s authorized distributor network in North America. For more information contact K-Sun at 1-800-622-6312, or