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KNAACK Cart Armour and the Compact Rolling WorkbenchTool Boxes

KNAACK Cart Armour and the Compact Rolling Workbench

KNAACK Secured Storage Provides Efficiency and Security for Contractors on the Jobsite

Knaack, LLC, an industry leader of jobsite storage equipment, introduces two innovative products designed to keep valuable tools safe and easily accessible on the jobsite. The new products include the KNAACK Cart Armour and the Compact Rolling Workbench.

Both products are designed specifically for commercial construction and residential contractors that need secured storage solutions that are easy to access. With theft and vandalism totaling more than $1 billion annually[1], the construction sector is one of the hardest hit industries.

“Maximizing security and contractor efficiencies are critically important on today’s active jobsites”, said Mike Bykowski, Group Product Manager. “With innovations, like the new KNAACK Cart Armour, contractors are able to keep tools and equipment where work is being done, while ensuring important items are secure when the contractor has to step away.”

The new KNAACK Cart Armour is an interlocking steel paneling system that encloses mobile work carts to secure contents from theft. Installed in less than 15 minutes, the patent pending design incorporates 16 gauge steel panels and a padlock for extra security.

The KNAACK Cart Armour is designed to wrap around three unique KNAACK mobile cart models, including the CA-01, CA-02 and CA-03. It can also be retro-fitted to select existing cart models already in service without having to modify the cart in any way. The electrical pass-through allows power to be run to the interior of the cart, while keeping the cord free from damage.

The KNAACK Compact Rolling Workbench offers a heavy-duty 12 gauge work top that can be used as a work surface for mounting pipe threaders or vices. The compact size and casters enables the workbench to be easily transported through doorways, elevators and cramped work areas.

It also offers an open platform to build any configuration of shelves and drawers and is protected with the industry leading WATCHMAN IV Lock System. The electrical pass-through with grommet allows power to be run to the interior of the workbench while keeping the cord free from damage.

Both products are available for purchase through local distributors and national retailers. For more information, visit