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Larson 50 Foot Megatower with LED Lights and 11kW GensetGenerators

Larson 50 Foot Megatower with LED Lights and 11kW Genset

Larson Electronics has released a rentable self-contained Megatower featuring a 7-stage pneumatic light mast with sixteen 500-watt LED lamps and an 11kW diesel generator. The outdoor lighting system is designed for remote work sites, temporary projects, MRO, maintenance, stadiums, concerts, security and more.

The RNT-WCDE-11-PLM50-16X500LTL-LED is a self-contained light tower package available for rent. This trailer mounted tower includes sixteen 500-watt LED light heads that produce an exceptional total of 1,080,000 lumens of high intensity illumination.

Each light head contains 48 CREE LEDs paired with high purity optics for a well-focused 24° wide spot beam that is ideal for providing far reaching concentrated illumination while still covering a substantial amount of area.

The IP67 rated LED lights are made from aluminum and secured via stainless steel trunnion u-bracket mounts for maximum adjustability.

This self-contained LED light plant provides operators with a worry free and energy efficient alternative to metal halide light plants. The sixteen LED light heads have a considerably less amp draw than the metal halide light heads on traditional light plants allowing the RNT-WCDE-11-PLM50-16X500LTL-LED to achieve up to 43 hours of continual use on a single tank of gas when only operating the light heads and air compressor. When running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, this LED light plant will run for nearly 2 days straight without refueling.

All sixteen LED lamps are mounted on a 7-stage mast, which can reach heights up to 50 feet. At full extension and with all outriggers deployed, the light tower is capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 35 mph, and when lowered to 22 feet can withstand wind speeds up to 95mph with gusts of 125mph. A hydraulic ram is used to quickly and easily extend and collapse the mast.

Powering the LED lamps is a 11kW water-cooled, Kubota diesel generator that operates on 120/240V single phase power. This genset features key operated electric starting, a twelve-volt electrical system, liquid cooling, replaceable dry element air cleaner, and a full enclosure for safe operation and protection against the elements. A 110-gallon fuel capacity ensures long operational time for extended use and overnight projects.

All components are mounted on a four-wheel tandem axle trailer for mobility and seamless transportation. The trailer is constructed of 8-inch box steel and finished in industrial grade paint.

Larson Electronics can customize this unit to cater to specific business needs and projects. Examples of customization includes: lights, cameras, generator size, solar, materials, light tower size, deployment feature, mounting, voltage compatibility and more.