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Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series GeneratorGenerators

Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series Generator

  • All-new Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series generator delivers 10 percent more power than the outgoing Honda EU2000i model, enabling customers to power more of what they need
  • Color-coded start up components, easier oil fill/drain and new fuel shut off valve make the new Honda EU2200i generator easier to use and maintain
  • Technical enhancements result in more power and maximum output at lower rpms, delivering customers quiet, efficient portable power for work, home or play
  • Honda revolutionized the portable generator market with the introduction of the EU1000i Super Quiet generator in 1998; the new EU2200i continues that tradition of reliable, durable, quiet portable power
  • The Honda EU2200i arrives at Honda dealers nationwide in early spring, 2018

Honda Power Equipment sets a new standard in portable power with the introduction of an all-new EU2200i inverter generator. Part of Honda Power Equipment’s Super Quiet Series of generators, the new EU2200i lineup is the perfect portable generator for work, home or play. Replacing Honda’s top-selling EU2000i model, the EU2200i delivers the same legendary, reliable Honda portable power, but more of it.

“The all-new Honda EU2200i inverter generator delivers 10 percent more power than the outgoing model, letting customers power more of what they need, but with virtually no change in weight or cost,” said Michael Rudolph, vice president – Honda Power Equipment. “With a larger engine, easy start-up process and easier maintenance, we think the all-new Honda EU2200i is the most versatile and reliable portable generator in the marketplace.”

Homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts and on-the-job users of portable power have made Honda Power Equipment’s outgoing EU2000i model a best-seller in the segment, and the top-selling generator model for Honda. The quiet, reliable power of the outgoing EU2000i family is a customer favorite for tailgating, camping, hunting, jobsites and home backup power.

Building on that reputation, the all-new EU2200i lineup raises the bar when it comes to quiet, dependable, durable and easy-to-use generators. The new generator is part of Honda’s Super Quiet Series of inverter generators and with four models from which to choose—the EU2200i, the EU2200i Camo, the EU2200i Companion and the EB2200i for industrial use—there is an EU2200i model to fit almost every customer’s needs.

The all-new generator lineup offers tremendous value to users, delivering 10 percent more power (200 watts) than the outgoing EU2000i—powering more devices and more powerful applications—all at the same price of the outgoing model. The Honda EU2200i generator lineup incorporates the tried and true inverter technology that Honda developed, as well as thoughtful modifications in the design of the new generator. Honda’s all-new EU2200i provides even better performance, combined with improved ease of use and maintenance, for powering work, home or play.

Honda Super Quiet Series generators are inverter-equipped models that feature a totally enclosed body and significant acoustic engineering, resulting in noticeably quieter performance. They are designed for the ultimate in quality, portability and convenience. All of the Honda Super Quiet Series generators are ultra-low noise.

Honda designed the all-new EU2200i with new features that deliver customers ease of use, simplified maintenance and durable, dependable operation—important benefits that users want and appreciate. Key functional enhancements on the all-new Honda EU2200i generator include:

  • A bigger oil filler opening, a longer spout and larger oil drain gutter make for easier and cleaner oil changes
  • A fuel shutoff valve (“Fuel Off” position) allows the engine to continue to run until the majority of the fuel in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts off, which helps prevent stale fuel issues and is useful for storing the generator
  • A stamped metal recoil rope insert provides increased product durability and reduces potential damage to the generator body
  • An increase in the ventilation area of 2.31 square inches compared with the outgoing model reduces cabinet air intake resistance, resulting in improved inverter cooling. The addition of new ducts allows for the air to move more evenly over internal parts while improving the overall air flow for better cooling of key components
  • The stator/rotor configuration of the EU2200i is improved, using some of the highest quality and most powerful magnets available in the market. These magnets, responsible for producing electricity, are thinner, keeping the diameter of the stator unchanged, reducing the weight of the component and providing more power output
  • Operational contact points are color-coded in gray, and guide the user through the starting operation
  • The new design and styling of the EU2200i more prominently display the Honda brand logo on the side of the unit and output power on the front of the unit
  • Parallel connection allows for pairing of the all-new Honda EU2200i with another EU2200i or a Honda EU2000i K1/T1 model for added convenience and more power

The Honda EU2200i generator is powered by the Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine. The 121cc engine delivers exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance.

The Honda GXR120 four-stroke engine was originally developed to power 110-lb. to 175-lb. rammers—heavy duty construction equipment used to compact soil or other granular material—at multiple elevations with ease. The GXR120 engine provides superb durability and reliability. Using an overhead camshaft (OHC) orientation similar to the Honda GX100 in the outgoing EU2000i, Honda designers incorporated a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt to create a small, light and quiet engine.

The OHC was designed and engineered specifically for increased efficiency, with optimal power transfer for better fuel efficiency. Its precision-engineered components result in lower vibration, and the ball bearing-supported crankshaft delivers smooth operation and long engine life.

The GXR120 engine includes a special cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon-steel, dual-ball bearing crankshaft that provide improved engine strength and lasting durability. A very compact muffler, combined with the OHC engine layout, reduces operation noise by one decibel (dB) compared with the current Honda GX100 engine that powers the outgoing EU2000i generator.

A simple but innovative lubrication system with a dual-breather chamber optimizes engine lubricating performance. In addition, an automatic decompression system allows for easy engine starting, while an Oil Alert® feature prevents the engine from operating if the oil level is too low.

Inverter Technology
Honda inverter technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. Computers and power-sensitive equipment require “clean power”. Clean power is electrical current that is consistent and has a stable signal, or sine wave.

Honda engineers have integrated parts from the engine and generator set, such as the combination flywheel/alternator, resulting in a more compact, lighter product that is purpose-built to produce reliable power. Honda’s inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator and uses a Honda-designed microprocessor to condition it through a multi-step process.

The generator’s alternator produces high voltage multi-phase AC power. The AC power is then converted to DC. Finally, the DC power is converted back to AC by the inverter. The inverter also smooths and cleans the power to make it high quality. A special microprocessor controls the entire process, as well as the speed of the engine as demand changes.

Not all inverters are created equally; Honda uses only high-quality inverters in its generators, which produce stable, consistent power. The result? Power clean enough to run sensitive electronic equipment.

Inverter technology also has allowed Honda to substantially reduce weight and noise on a number of its models. The all-new EU2200i, weighs in at a dry weight of 46.5 lbs.

Why Inverter Technology?
Honda Generators pioneered the use of inverters in portable, convenient packaging 20 years ago. The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures its power is closer to "line power" more than any other non-inverter generator design.

The new EU2200i generator provides:

  • a maximum AC output of 120 volts (V)/2200 watts (W)/18.3 Amps (A) and rated output of 120V/1800 W/15 A
  • a run time of 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single 0.95 gallon tank, depending on the generator load
  • Honda’s exclusive Eco Throttle feature contributes to improved fuel efficiency, allowing the engine to automatically adjust its speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use. Because the engine does not have to run at full speed constantly, Eco Throttle reduces noise and fuel consumption and also helps to reduce exhaust emissions
  • an operating sound level of 53 dB at 1/4 load and 62 dB at rated load

“The 200-watt power increase offered by the new Honda EU2200i generator gives users the opportunity to step up to more uses and bigger applications over the EU2000i model, without an increase in generator weight, size or cost,” said David Bush, senior marketing strategist – Honda Generators. “For example, an extra 200 watts could mean the addition of a slow cooker, or a box fan or a computer, to what’s already being powered—all adding up to greater value.”

EU2200i Camo
In addition to the features found on the EU2200i, the Honda EU2200i Camo generator features Realtree APG wrap, replacing the traditional Honda Red on the generator. This wrap makes the EU2200i the perfect solution for outdoorspeople, especially hunters.

EU2200i Companion
The all-new Honda EU2200i Companion model can parallel to either another EU2200i, or the existing Honda EU2000i K1/T1 models. The EU2200i Companion model deletes the 12V DC outlet, and instead of the 20A 125V Duplex Outlet, is equipped with a 30A 125V locking plug and 20A 125V single outlet.

The all-new Honda EB2200i was designed for the industrial user and meets LA-ETL and OSHA requirements. Based on the new EU2200i generator, the EB2200i deletes the 20A 125V Duplex outlet, DC charging and Parallel outlets for a 20A 125V GFCI Duplex outlet GFCI neutral bond.

Honda revolutionized the portable generator segment with its inverter technology that delivers clean, stable power that is safe to use with sensitive electronics. The introduction of the EU1000i model in 1998 created an entire new segment for what portable power can do at work, home or play. Since then, the EU2000i has become the best-selling generator model for Honda.

Customers purchase 2000-watt generators for three primary reasons: to power their work, as backup power for their homes, or for power at play. In the minds of consumers, portable generators are a way to guarantee security or provide freedom.

  • Consumers who purchase a portable generator for work are driven by the freedom to work at any job site and power the tools they need. One person can move a portable generator, which allows the worker to operate tools, portable lights or other equipment wherever the need is
  • For the customers who purchase a portable generator for home backup power, the security of surviving in a severe weather event is the driving factor. The peace of mind a portable generator provides knowing the customer can keep their family warm, power lights and charge their phone or laptop is the security they are looking for
  • For customers purchasing a portable generator to power outdoor fun, the freedom to power what they need when tailgating, camping, and hunting drives the purchase decision. These customers love being able to have light at night, power their phones or personal devices and to cook. The security of a generator adds to the freedom they enjoy outdoors

With 10 percent more power than the outgoing generator model, the all-new Honda EU2200i lineup can power more of what customers need. The additional 200 watts of power enables a customer to power a coffee pot and a hot plate when camping; a larger saw or industrial fan at the job site; or an additional 42-in television or more lights at a tailgate party.

Price and Availability
The Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Series inverter generators deliver customers more power and greater value in a lightweight, quiet-running, portable package. With a starting U.S. manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,149.95, this all-new model delivers improved performance for work, home and play applications. The Honda EU2200i generator carries a three-year residential and three-year commercial warranty. The all-new Honda EU2200i will be available at Honda Power Equipment dealers nationwide in early spring, 2018.

Operating a Generator
Take it outside! As the only safe place to operate a portable generator, taking it outside is absolutely mandatory to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide. But there's even more you can do. By educating yourself about all carbon monoxide risks, you'll be better prepared to protect your family from this colorless, odorless threat. The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) provides a fact sheet and website dedicated to safe portable generator operation, the information can be found at

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Honda Power Equipment, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of outdoor power equipment, including generators, lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, string trimmers, outboard marine engines and small, general-purpose engines for residential, commercial and rental applications.