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MAX CP-W .133 Step Pins for Concrete and I-BeamsAnchors

MAX CP-W .133 Step Pins for Concrete and I-Beams

Originally promoted for fastening applications surrounding steel I-beam construction, the CP-W .133” Step Pin has now been recognized and approved to fasten into a range of concrete types as well.

The CP-W .133” pin has been widely adopted amongst contractors who moved away from powder actuated tools and have since utilized the HN120 from the PowerLite® system, for fastening wood and metal track into steel I-beams. When the CP-W .133” pin was first introduced to the market, MAX had only obtained testing data for steel I-beam fastening as concrete fastening was already covered by the (CP-C Series Pin). After learning about the need for a more versatile pin in the field, MAX worked on securing testing data to fast track the verification with an ICC ES Report (ESR-4320).

Understanding that many commercial properties regularly undergo expansions and retrofits, original poured and even post-tensioned concrete has proven to be extremely dense, and hard to penetrate with traditional tools such as P.A.T. gas powered nailers, and drills.

Furthermore, MAX expanded the testing report for steel applications as well. Originally, the maximum thickness of steel I-beam testing data was 3/8”, but we conducted a testing up to 1⁄2” thick steel I-beam and obtained an ICC report with the thicker material.

“Because the CP-W pins are created out of a superior metal makeup (compared to our CP-C Pins) our team decided to further expand our testing to validate the stick rate for old and extremely dense concrete (up to 8,000 PSI concrete); Our team is glad to share that we were successful in doing so. We know our customers will be pleased with the versatility of the CP-W Step pins for a broad range of fastening applications,” said Yuta Asaba, PowerLite® Product Specialist.

Additionally, MAX would like to announce a box QTY change and a new model number, specifically for our CP-W Series pins for both the HN25C and HN120:

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