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“Solidly affixing structures to asphalt has always been a problem, so when contractors find something that works they catch on fast”, said Dori Teich, President of Asphalt Anchors Group. “As a result it has become necessary for us to extend our line of anchors and accessories to fulfill the increasing demand."

Simple Installation and Economical – To install, first a hole is drilled and filled with EPX2 grout. Next the anchor is inserted into the hole. After a setting time of about 15 minutes the structure may be bolted permanently. BoltHold Anchors permit the removal of structures or equipment mounted on them and are flush to the ground, posing no threats to pedestrians.

These low-cost anchors range in unit price from $8.00 to $12.00. Quantity prices and distributor discounts are available.

Matched Accessories – To further ease installation, AAG also offers a line of precision asphalt drills and dependable grout.

This new line consists of:

Type Thread Length Drill Hole “A” Pull Strength
SP10 3/8” Internal 6” 7/8” 1,500 lb.
SP12 3/8” Internal 12” 7/8” 2,000 lb.
SP12M8 Metric M8 12” 7/8” 2,000 lb.
SP18 7/16” internal 12” 1" 2,500 lb
EPX2 Grout

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