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Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits

Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits

The new Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits deliver peace-of-mind during unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations involving those working at height. The rescuer can remotely attach the system to the suspended worker while remaining securely anchored on the walking working surface. All rescue components are included in an easy-to-store kit with no assembly required – only requiring an overhead anchorage.

Available in two (2) kit configurations:

Premium Miller QuickPick Kit (shown here) is designed for workers whose job is not normally rescue. A back-up braking system is included to eliminate accidental release during a rescue situation. Complies with OSHA, ANSI A10.32 and the stringent ANSI Z359.4 Safety Requirements for Assisted Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components.

Standard Miller QuickPick Kit is designed for those experienced in rescue situations and includes all the necessary components to quickly rescue a fallen worker. Complies with OSHA and ANSI A10.32.

The Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits are a professional rescue solution that enhance worker safety and comply with corporate fall protection plans by providing a quick and efficient rescue response.

For more information about Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits, visit us at:, or call Honeywell Technical Service at 800.873.5242.