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Milwaukee 19 Ounce Hickory HammersHand Tools

Milwaukee 19 Ounce Hickory Hammers

Milwaukee Tool is excited to announce the newest addition to its lineup of hammer solutions – a 19oz Hickory Hammer available in both smooth face and milled face.

The new hammers are constructed with shock-absorbing American hickory to prevent arm soreness and stiffness in users. Engineered with a precision balanced design, these Hickory Hammers provide a much more fluid and easy swing.

The naturally dampening hickory combined with this precision balanced design offers users the best driving performance. For ease-of-use, the magnetic nail set allows users to set and drive a nail with one hand.

Availability: October 2018

MSRP: $24.99

*Limited Lifetime Warranty

Hickory Hammer Models

  • 19oz Milled Face Hickory Hammer (48-22-9419)
  • 19oz Smooth Face Hickory Hammer (48-22-9519)