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Mayhew Tools 37326 ProPneumatic Four Piece Tool SetDrill Bits & Cutting Tools

Mayhew Tools 37326 ProPneumatic Four Piece Tool Set

Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. (Mayhew Tools) announces new ProPneumatic Four Piece Heavy Duty Tool Set, part No. 37326. This versatile, heavy duty pneumatic tool set is uniquely designed for an array of niche automotive applications. Made in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, the set includes a cold chisel, rivet buster, hammer, and taper punch. All are made of an alloy steel that has been hardened and tempered and feature a .498 Turn Type Parker Shank.

Each of the tools’ sharp edges are ideal for cutting and scraping, while their specific applications are as follows:

  • Cold Chisel: Ideal for cutting and shaping metals softer than the cutting edge.
  • Rivet Buster: Used for body, chassis, and exhaust applications.
  • Hammer: Ideal for all hammering operations, including U-joints, ball joints, and body forming work. Additionally, the hammer can be used to hammer out seized anchor pins and remove frame rivets and huck bolts.
  • Taper Punch: Designed for driving out stuck bolts or pins.

The tools’ black oxide finish prevents corrosion and rust, reinforcing the tools long-lasting durability. For easy access and storage, the tools come in a nylon carrying case.

The 4 PC Heavy Duty Pneumatic Set, Part No. 32376 includes:

  1. Part No. 31989 Pneumatic Cold Chisel ¾” X 7-1/2”
  2. Part No. 31992 Pneumatic Rivet Buster 3/4” X 7-1/2”
  3. Part No. 31994 Pneumatic HD Hammer 1-1/4” X 4-1/4”
  4. Part No. 31999 Pneumatic Taper Punch 3/16” X 7-1/2”

Mayhew Tools are sold through an extensive network of global distributors, primarily serving the industrial, automotive, and hardware markets.

For more information, contact Mayhew Tools at 800.872.0037 or visit