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Other Products: QA1 Increased Load/High Wear Fractured Race Spherical Bearings

QA1 Precision Products, Inc., is excited to release its new line of fractured race spherical bearings.

Ideally suited for high wear and increased load applications in industrial markets, QA1’s GEZ Series fractured race spherical bearings are manufactured using 52100 bearing steel. Because of the strength of the steel, the race cannot be molded around the ball and therefore is fractured slightly to allow the ball to be inserted.

The hardened and ground surfaces allow for full ball to race conformity, resulting in reduced wear, smooth operation and less localized stress.

“With this new style, we’re able to grow QA1’s already expansive line of spherical bearings,” says Jeff Diaz, QA1’s Industrial Product Manager. “What really sets the GEZ Series apart is the quality and strength of the 52100 bearing steel, which allows this series to not just handle the high load and high wear applications but to excel at them.”

A sealed version is also available to keep grease in and debris out. The GEZ Series is protective coated for corrosion resistance and will be available December 2014.

For additional information and a free catalog, call 800.721.7761 or visit QA1’s website at