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Other Products: Rockler Large Box Spline Jig

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced the Large Box Spline Jig, a device that allows users to create decorative splines which also provide extra strength in the joint.

The Large Box Spline Jig is easily clamped to mitered box joints in order to cut slots for a wide variety of decorative splines with a handheld router. This is particularly useful for large boxes that are difficult to handle on a router table.

Once the jig is clamped to the corner of the box, the jig faces support the base of the router as it is pushed to cut the spline slots. The user can then add their choice of splines, which are very decorative and elevate the design of the box into something extraordinary.

"The Large Box Spline Jig brings the routing to the box joint without the need to bring the box to a router table," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's Vice President of Product Marketing. "This jig simply clamps onto the box joint and guides the router for perfect spline cuts. The addition of splines transforms ordinary box joints into a piece of art that is fit for display."

The Large Box Spline Jig is made of durable plastic and features an edge guide that is adjustable to accommodate a variety of router models so they can be centered for the spline cuts. A wide variety of spline patterns can be achieved, depending on the style of router bit used.

Large clamping surfaces on each end make it easy to secure the Large Box Spline Jig to the box either by clamping cauls to the jig or by clamping the jig directly to the box. The jig also features a hang hole for easy storage on a hook or peg when not in use.

The Large Box Spline Jig (55153) retails for $49.99.