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SOLA Big Red Classic Magnetic Spirit Level SetLevels & Measurement

SOLA Big Red Classic Magnetic Spirit Level Set

SOLA, the Austrian trailblazer in precision measurement tools, is thrilled to introduce a game-changing advancement in the field of spirit levels – the BIG RED CLASSIC MAGNETIC SET featuring the revolutionary lateral magnet installation method. This pioneering innovative feature marks a new era of precision, convenience, and durability, further solidifying SOLA’s position as a leader in the industry.


SOLA's BIG RED CLASSIC MAGNETIC SET is a comprehensive ensemble of highly accurate and durable measurement tools designed to cater to the discerning needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The set includes the renowned magnetic levels LSB48LM BIG REDM 48", LSB24LM BIG REDM 24" and the magnetic LSTFM 10" die-cast torpedo level, each equipped with SOLA's patented SOLA FOCUS vials, and a protection bag with five side pockets.

What sets these spirit levels apart is the groundbreaking lateral magnet installation method, which represents a paradigm shift in magnetic spirit level design.

Lateral Installation Method: Elevating Accuracy and Practicality

SOLA’s innovative lateral magnet installation method reimagines the way magnetic spirit levels are crafted, delivering a host of unparalleled advantages:

  • Unobstructed Measuring Surface: Unlike conventional designs, where magnets are directly embedded into the measuring surface, SOLA’s lateral magnet installation ensures a flawlessly smooth surface. This innovation eliminates the hassle of dirt accumulation and simplifies cleaning, while also safeguarding delicate surfaces from scratches.
  • Unrivaled Adhesive Force: Powered by robust neodymium magnets renowned for their superior adhesion, SOLA’s magnetic spirit levels maintain an unyielding grip on various surfaces, including pipes and curved steel components.
  • Stability Redefined: The lateral magnet installation guarantees unwavering stability, even in conditions characterized by heat or vibration. Users can trust that the magnets will remain securely in place, enabling precise measurements under challenging circumstances.

Expanding the Horizons of Precision Measurement

In addition to the BIG RED CLASSIC MAGNETIC SET, SOLA offers two more equivalent sets: the BIG RED CLASSIC SET includes the non-magnetic levels BIG REDM 24” + 48”, the magnetic die-cast torpedo level LSTFM 10” and the protection bag.

The BIG RED MASON SET includes the same levels and protection bag as the BIG RED CLASSIC SETS and caters specifically to masonry professionals, providing additional removable mason pads to protect the levels from the hits of a mason’s trowel.