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Snap-on TechAngle Micro Torque WrenchLevels & Measurement

Snap-on TechAngle Micro Torque Wrench

The new 1/4" Drive Flex-Head TechAngle® Micro Torque Wrench from Snap-on features a 25 percent increase in torque range compared to the previous model, allowing for improved access for several new shop applications.

Designed for precision, the ATECH1FS300 now provides a torque range of 15-300 in-lb with an impressive accuracy of ±2% clockwise and ±3% counterclockwise. This compact (11.6" L x 0.90" dia.) tool offers six measurement modes and four alert modes, including LCD, LED, vibratory, and audible alerts for complete torque control. It also features dual progressive LEDs for visualizing active torque and a patented flex-yoke design for better access to fasteners, perfect for tight recesses and close-clearance applications.

With a unique torque-then-angle mode, this wrench allows users to torque fasteners and switch to angle without removing the tool, offering unparalleled convenience. The textured grip ensures a comfortable, non-slip hold, and a flared end that prevents slipping during high-leverage applications. Weighing in at only 0.93 lb, the ATECH1FS300 operates with a single AA battery and includes a two-year warranty.

Customers can learn more about new features of this micro torque wrench and other Snap-on tools by contacting your participating Snap-on franchisee or other representative, visiting, or calling toll-free 877-SNAPON-4 (877-762-7664).