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Simpson Strong-Drive SD Connector Stainless Steel ScrewsThreaded Fasteners & Rod

Simpson Strong-Drive SD Connector Stainless Steel Screws

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, today introduced the Strong-Drive® SD Connector SS screw, a Type 316 stainless-steel fastener designed, tested and approved for use with Simpson Strong-Tie® stainless-steel connectors to provide excellent protection in severely corrosive environments.


A premium connector screw for applications where strength and performance are critical, the SD Connector SS (SD SS) screw helps protect projects from corrosion caused by moisture, salt, chemicals and countless other factors.


Made from Type 316 stainless steel and ideal for both interior and exterior environments, SD SS screws have a 1/4" hex-washer head with a large-diameter integrated washer to provide load bearing area and are stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie logo and fastener size for easy identification after installation.


“Corrosion can happen anywhere, leading to failed connections and the need for premature repair,” says Ed Sutt, vice president of Fastening Systems for Simpson Strong-Tie. “Builders can maximize the life of their projects in any climate by using 316-grade stainless-steel fasteners and connectors for continued quality and performance.”


SD SS screws have been designed, tested and approved for use with Simpson Strong-Tie stainless-steel connectors to provide maximum performance values. When selecting fasteners for connectors, builders should match metals to maximize connection durability and prevent galvanic corrosion between different metals. Additional benefits of SD SS screws from Simpson Strong-Tie include:


  • Approved for connectors: SD SS screws have been tested and approved for use in many popular stainless-steel connector products (visit to see which fasteners are compatible with which connectors).
  • Code listed: The SD SS is code compliant as evaluated in ICC ES ESR-3046. The single-fastener load values achieved by the #9 SD SS exceed those of typical 10d common nails.
  • Ease of use: The SD SS installs with a cordless drill in spaces or conditions where using a hammer to install nails may be inconvenient.


For more information about the SD SS line of stainless-steel connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie, visit