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Southwire Smart TensiometerCable Installation

Cable Installation: Southwire Smart Tensiometer

With Southwire’s Smart Tensiometer, electrical contractors can now obtain rope tension, pulling speed, pull distance and sidewall pressure data via a wireless connection, which will allow contractors to save pulling data to onboard memory, create reports and send information immediately.

Using wireless technology, pulling data can be streamed directly to computers, smart phones and tablets for viewing in graph format, thus enabling contractors to analyze data in real-time, either on the unit display or the contractor’s wireless device.

The new Southwire Smart Tensiometer will also enable contractors to use pull data to generate reports that include automatic date and time stamps. The information can then be emailed as a PDF or Excel file.

Unlike other running line tension meters, the new Southwire Smart Tensiometer display unit can automatically store up to 16 gigabytes of data. The Southwire Smart Tensiometer also boasts a USB port on the display unit, which will enable contractors to easily upload data onto a flash drive.

The Tensiometer’s display unit and load sensing unit pair wirelessly and automatically. The load sensing unit has been designed to easily attach to any MAXIS cable puller in less than a minute through the use of hitch pins, and the unit is calibrated up to 10,000 pounds with most pulling rope sizes.

Using the display unit’s features, contractors can name each pull, input the parameters of the pull, enter rope size and set the tension limit. In addition, the display unit will flash an alert if the maximum tension is about to be exceeded.

“Southwire understands today’s jobsite and the art and science of feeder wire installation. That’s why we have packed the Smart Tensiometer with jobsite-friendly features,” said Tim Bardin, General Manager, contractor equipment, Southwire. “We’re all about understanding the pain points of the electrical contractor. This understanding helps us deliver products that aim to improve jobsite safety and productivity, ultimately making the contractors’ jobs easier.”

Introduced in August 2013, Southwire’s Tools and Equipment product line offers a robust selection of hand tools, a professional array of meters and test equipment, larger contractor equipment serving areas such as cable pulling , hole making, and conduit bending, and accessories used in both commercial and residential installations.

“Just like it does in the wire and cable category of products, Southwire focuses on bringing innovation and solutions to its offering of tools and equipment. This new tension meter is another example of how we at Southwire are doing that.” Bardin said.

Manufactured with top-quality materials to ensure superior performance and durability throughout the lifecycle of the tool, Southwire’s tools and equipment are available in retail outlets, electrical wholesale and tools supply houses nationwide.