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Spectra Precision LT52 Point and Crossline LaserLasers

Spectra Precision LT52 Point and Crossline Laser

Trimble has added the new Spectra Precision LT52 Point and Crossline laser to its industry-leading line of laser products.

The LT52 combines a 5-beam laser pointer with a horizontal and vertical crossline laser to form a versatile laser tool to be used in a wide variety of construction alignment applications.

The Spectra Precision LT52 reduces a contractor’s initial investment by combining two products – a laser pointer and a crossline laser – into a single solution.

For interior work, the laser is used for horizontal and vertical alignment, wall layout, acoustic ceiling installation, point transfer up and down, wall and floor tiling, finish carpentry and 90 degree squaring.
“This is a tool for all construction trades,” said Mike Bank, general manager of Trimble’s Precision Tools business. “Wall crews, mechanical installers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and anyone needing alignment and elevation reference can use this tool to increase their productivity and accuracy.”
The LT52 can be configured with the optional Spectra Precision HR220 Line Receiver, making the laser and receiver package ideal for short-range exterior general leveling and alignment tasks including elevation checks for decks, pools, masonry work, septic tank installation and landscaping.
Automatic self-leveling assures accuracy and fast setup. If the laser is bumped or disturbed, an “out-of-level” warning alerts the user. Bright points and cross lines can be seen in almost all interior working conditions. Points are round and focused for easy marking and are visible up to 60 meters (200 feet) away. The cross beams have a wide 210 degree fan angle which intersects the side and overhead points.
A tough housing is designed to protect the unit and endure the rigors of the construction environment. The tool is specified to withstand a 1 meter (3 foot) drop test. The laser comes with a 3-year over-the-counter dealer warranty.