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Stanley Vidmar Modular Mezzanine SystemTool Boxes

Tool Boxes: Stanley Vidmar Modular Mezzanine System

Want the "Cadillac" of tool and parts storage systems for your warehouse? The Stanley Vidmar Mezzanine System is custom-created around facilities' space requirements and traffic patterns with aisle and pass-through modules. Completely modular, mezzanines can be reconfigured as often as necessary — even when fully loaded.

Basic mezzanine systems consist of five modules with all components simply bolting together through preexisting access holes. Modules include:

  1. Two Stanley Vidmar cabinets
  2. Middle shelf cabinet providing head clearance height and space for overflow inventory
  3. Walkway support system or bracket that easily slides into each upper-level cabinet
  4. Heavy-duty grating that drops into place like ceiling tiles
  5. Stairs and railings

Mini-mezzanine system also available requiring no walkway or grating system and can be configured with any new or existing Stanley Vidmar cabinets.

Stanley Vidmar offers both new and potential customers a free onsite analysis to ensure that all storage needs are being addressed. Interested businesses should visit or call 800-523-9462.