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The Handy CamelLifting, Moving & Material Handling

Material Handling: The Handy Camel

The Handy Camel is a 12-inch bag clip with a specially designed hinge closure system that makes it capable of sealing large bags. The built-in handle allows users to carry awkward bags with ease and without fear of tearing.

The Handy Camel reduces back strain when lifting a heavy bag because the user no longer needs to bend over as far to get a handhold. The Handy Camel can also be adjusted on a bag to use it as a pouring handle.

The Handy Camel creates a tight seal on open bags using a side hinge opening and ratchet locking system. It features rounded teeth on the interior of the clip that grip bags without tearing. Simply open the clip, slide it sideways across the width of the bag you want to seal, and as you begin to shut the clip across the bag, the ratchet system will begin to lock the bag closed.

The Handy Camel is rated to carry up to 40 pounds.