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Thomas & Betts 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool

Thomas & Betts 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool 

Crimping selected Homac, Blackburn and Color-Keyed connectors and lugs is easier with the new lightweight and ergonomically designed T&B 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool from Thomas & Betts. Featuring a balanced, ergonomic, in-line design, the 6.4-pound crimper operates easily with one hand while yielding six tons of output force. This makes it the perfect choice for crimping service entry connectors and lugs, as well as splicing up to 300 kcmil copper or 4/0 AWG aluminum wire.

“Reducing user fatigue was a key goal in designing the 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool,” said Pam Pagenkopf, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “We reduced the tool weight, making one-handed operation possible and improved the ergonomics. Plus, we designed the jaws to rotate 180 degrees, allowing the tool to work better in tight, confined spaces.”

The tool head of the 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool includes fixed 5/8-inch BG and D crimp grooves, includes an O-die insert, and is compatible with all W-style dies. Its jaws automatically return to the open position after completing a crimp, but the setting can be disabled to make the tool easier to operate in confined positions. The 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool operates quietly with minimum of vibration. It is equipped with a maximum pressure valve for operational safety.

For more information about T&B Tools 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool, call (800) 816-7809.