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Gas Engine Equipment: Titan PowrLiner Series Line Stripers

Titan has upgraded its PowrLiner Series of line stripers with new features that deliver more control, convenience and comfort. The new PowrLiner Series includes models for striping pavement, grass or turf, with capabilities ranging from gear driven units for small- to medium-sized jobs, to hydraulic units designed for heavy duty, long-term use on medium, large and giant scale striping projects.

Included in the new design is the PowrCenter dashboard that puts the throttle and pressure control at the operator’s fingertips, eliminating the need to stop striping to make adjustments. The PowrCenter also includes features like a handy storage tray, pressure gauge, cup holder and a 12 volt plug-in for charging smartphones or iPods.

The new PowrLiner Series features the SmartArm system – a gun boom that folds out for quick set up and folds up for easy transportation and storage. The SmartArm also has two ways to adjust gun height and fan pattern width. Users can simply crank the handle for changes to both guns, or use the independent control to adjust each gun separately, making precise line settings a snap.

The PowrLiner Series also has new ergonomic features that make spraying more comfortable for operators. The new handlebars have three points of adjustment and fit any body size, shape or height. Coupled with the PowrLiner’s new swing back design, and the striper feels lighter and is easier to use, reducing overall fatigue.

“Our new PowrLiner Series was rebuilt from the ground up with proven technologies designed to exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Chuck Flower, product manager for Titan. “By adding the SmartArm, PowrCenter and ergonomic features, operators have more control and comfort than ever before.”

Large field and pavement marking contractors, property managers and maintenance professionals rely on Titan’s PowrLiner Series stripers for dependable, precise performance. They are capable of striping 106 to 800 linear feet per minute, which is up to 60 percent greater than competitive line stripers. And now, the PowrLiner Series has been enhanced with smart features that give operators more control, convenience and comfort than ever before.

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