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Atlas Copco Cobra PROe and Cobra TTe gas-fueled breakersGas Engine Equipment

Gas Engine Equipment: Atlas Copco Cobra PROe and Cobra TTe gas-fueled breakers

Atlas Copco has launched new versions of its Cobra PROe (near right) and Cobra TTe (far right) gas-powered handheld breakers.

The breakers are available with two tool shank sizes, which allow rental centers to achieve high utilization rates and ROI by offering customers versatile equipment.

The breakers also have high power-to-weight ratios and optimize operator comfort, which enhances productivity on a variety of jobs, including those in remote locations or confined spaces.

These breakers feature multiple vibration-reducing systems to enhance operator productivity. Their Hand Arm Protection System, an Atlas Copco exclusive, minimizes harmful vibrations that transfer from the machine to the operator. This allows operators to work longer than they can using breakers without the system.

The breakers also minimize vibration intensity with their vibro-dampening system. The system uses leaf springs to spread vibrations over a larger area than traditional rubber bushings or spiral springs, which mean fewer vibrations are transferred to the operator.

The breakers’ light weight and powerful operation improve productivity even further. The breakers weigh as little as 53 pounds and are 24 inches wide from handle to handle. Their light weight and compact size make them quick and easy to maneuver and allow operators to use them in confined spaces and remote locations.

The TTe delivers 1,620 blows per minute and 30 foot-pounds of impact energy so contractors can quickly and effectively tamp railroad ties without fracturing ballasts. The PROe features a blow frequency of 1,440 and as much as 44 foot-pounds of impact energy for powerful operation on a variety of applications, including concrete breaking and post driving.

Both models are available with two tool shank sizes — 1 1/8 x 6- and 1 1/4 x 6- inches wide — that can be used with a wide range of tool steel to improve utilization and maximize versatility for rental centers. Atlas Copco offers a wide range of tool steel, including asphalt cutters, chisels, and moil points, making the breakers ideal for multiple applications. The tool steel is also made using heat-treated, heavy-duty alloy and is coated with a high-quality, durable finish to withstand tough conditions.

The breakers are easy to maintain, ensuring maximum uptime for operators. Their high- capacity air filters are located at the top of the breakers and are easily removed to minimize service times. And their oil level indicator is located just under their handles for simple oil checks.

Both the PROe and TTe feature decompression valves and electric ignitions, making them easy to start in any temperature. The unit’s one cylinder, 2-stroke engines can operate with alkalyte or 90 to 100 premixed octane unleaded gas.