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Truc TableLifting, Moving & Material Handling

T.R.U.C. Table

As the construction industry grows more and more competitive the T.R.U.C Table provides increased productivity and a safer working environment. The T.R.U.C Table is a stable work platform that is adjustable transportable and versatile. It can be used stationary or as a method of moving tools or materials. 

Fewer trips, less fatigue and higher productivity, employees will be able to work faster and safer,  making your business more competitive.

The T.R.U.C Table meets the demand of general contracting services, handymen, agricultural workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and homeowners with a portable one-size-fits all approach in equipment diversification.


  • In the stored position the table is not much bigger than a standard tail gate. Straps are used to secure the table to the vehicle.  The Hitch Mount System (HMS) is sold separately. 


  • Versatility and strength on the job site. Choose between wood or galvanized tops.


  • Move material with ease. Reduce work place injuries.
Click here to see a video of the TRUC table in action on the job site.
Lift less, work more efficiently, go anywhere, functional for work or play and made in the USA. Who would not want to have their own T.R.U.C. Table on their truck, in their garage or on their fleet?
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