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Van Air Systems Blast Pak Pro Portable Compressed Air SystemAir Tools

Van Air Systems Blast Pak Pro Portable Compressed Air System

Blasting contractors know that dry compressed air is key to superior surface preparation. Wet compressed air clogs blast pots, corrodes nozzles, and causes flash rusting. Re-work is costly. Contractors can do the job right the first time with the Blast Pak Pro from Van Air Systems.

The Blast Pak PRO is a complete portable single tower deliquescent drying package engineered specifically for blasting and painting contractors.

The complete package is conveniently pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid, allowing for maximum portability in mobile drying applications. Blast Pak PRO dryers are easily lifted onto the back of a truck or trailer and moved around a worksite.

The Blast Pak PRO is a plug-n-play design. The after-cooler, filter and dryer are fully integrated. Just add Dry-O-Lite desiccant, connect compressed air lines and start delivering clean, dry compressed air with no electricity required.