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WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack and AccessoriesScaffolds & Ladders

WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack and Accessories

WEATHER GUARD introduces the WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack and GlideSafe Load Assist accessory. The new all-purpose van rack delivers a heavy-duty, versatile solution for storing and transporting materials and tools to the jobsite.

The WEATHER GUARD van rack can be installed in under an hour and is compatible with all commercial cargo vans sold in the U.S. and Canada.

“When loading and unloading large equipment like ladders, pipes and lumber, it’s critical to have a van rack that will support a variety of applications,” said Adam Molberger, Senior Product Manager for WEATHER GUARD Van.

“When designing the new all-purpose van rack, we wanted to address some of the industry challenges like installation and durability. The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack, can be paired with the GlideSafe Load Assist System to preserve the longevity of both the vehicle and equipment.”

The new GlideSafe Load Assist System creates a safer, easier loading and unloading process and does not require a rolling motion to be functional or protect the vehicle and equipment from damage.

But that is not the only van accessory that can be paired with the new WEATHER GUARD van racks. Ready-to-mount Ratchet Straps can also be integrated to provide an easy to use solution for securing loads to the rack. Accessories come with all the necessary mounting hardware and do not require drilling.

Designed for Durability, Versatility and Ease-of-Use

The heavy-duty design of the new WEATHER GUARD Steel Van Rack is a versatile solution for a variety of applications and end user needs. From general contractors to plumbers and electricians, the all-purpose van racks can transport materials safely to the jobsite and are compatible with all commercial cargo vans sold in the U.S. and Canada. Installation time takes less than an hour, making it a simple solution for professionals needing to haul products.

The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack is ideal not only for storing ladders and scaffolding, but also conduit, pipes and sheet materials like plywood or drywall. Because loading and unloading equipment can cause damage to the vehicle, WEATHER GUARD created GlideSafe Load Assist to equip the user with built-in protection. The GlideSafe Load Assist system bridges the gap from the back of the van to the rear cross member, which assists in loading and unloading materials.

The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack includes multiple hook and loop tie down straps for securing items to the rack, ladder stop and ladder guide. The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack comes with airfoil to reduce road and wind noise and a protective strip across each cross member that helps to prevent damage to equipment when the van is in motion.

Accessories bolt directly to the rack using preformed holes and come with all necessary mounting hardware. The van rack attaches to the OEM mounting points on the van, making it possible to fully install the rack in under an hour without any cutting or drilling required. The All-Purpose Steel Van Rack can also mount to optional roof mounting channels for flexible cross member positioning.

The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack offers a variety of mounting and accessory options for increased versatility including: the GlideSafe Load Assist system, cross members, Ratchet Straps with mounting brackets, a Ladder Guide and a Ladder Stop.

The WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Steel Van Rack is constructed of welded, heavy-duty steel and finished with an ARMOR TUF powder coat paint for long-term durability. The full-size, 3 cross member van rack has a 1,000 lb. load capacity, however WEATHER GUARD reminds you to always follow OEM roof capacity requirements per specific van make and model.

The new All-Purpose Van Rack is now available nationally. To learn more, please visit: