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Lubes & Chemicals: AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease

New AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease is specially formulated to withstand extreme low temperatures while ensuring maximum performance and protection. It provides low-temperature pumpability in harsh climates where temperatures drop below freezing.

AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease provides excellent mechanical stability, long service life and superior protection against wear and corrosion. It has the ability to withstand high loads and pressures where conventional greases have proven ineffective.

AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease is recommended for industrial machinery, heavy-duty automotive and industrial equipment, chassis, bearings, off-road and heavy equipment operating in arctic climates. It’s compatible with many other types of greases and is available in convenient 15-ounce cartridges.

For more information about AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and performance products, call AMSOIL at (715) 392-7101 or 1-800-777-8491.