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Lubes & Chemicals: Blue Monster Drain Banger

Contractors will appreciate the effectiveness of new Blue Monster Drain Banger, a professional-strength drain opener now available from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Company,

Blue Monster Drain Banger devours hair, grease, soap and oils that slow and plug drain lines in less than 60 seconds. This professional-strength drain opener is powerful and fast acting. Drain Banger’s unique formula is embedded in blue flakes that work more effectively than liquid drain openers or beads than can solidify forming rock-like masses further clogging drains.

Blue Monster Drain Banger is a hot-water activated drain cleaner designed for use by professional contractors only. It is odorless and will not harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain or septic systems. Drain Banger can also be used for preventative maintenance eliminating hair, grease, soap and oil build-up that can create future problems.

Blue Monster Drain Banger is available in one and two-pound, easy-pour containers at leading plumbing wholesalers. Blue Monster products are available exclusively from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Company. For further information contact Clean-Fit Products at 800-321-3598 or visit the company's web site at