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BORA Tool MiteriX Angle Duplicating and Measuring ToolLevels & Measurement

BORA Tool MiteriX Angle Duplicating and Measuring Tool

Leading tool manufacturer BORA Tool introduces the MiteriX angle measuring and duplicator tool to create precisely measured angles. Carpenters and DIYers know one of the harder parts of the job is getting exact angles, but with the Bora MiteriX Duplicator Tool, it becomes the easiest part of the job.

This tool does exactly what is intended for; it precisely measures angles, and then locks the angle, even splits in half to transfer that exact angle to a miter saw. This means miter cuts will match precisely without that unsightly gap that is all too common when measuring freehand.

Product Details:

  • PERFECT ANGLE– The Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator tool is specifically designed to ensure that miter cuts are at the perfect angle.
  • MEASURE, LOCK, THEN TRANSFER – Use the tool to measure the exact miter angle needed right on the material, then lock it, and transfer that exact angle to the miter saw. Divides the angle in half for a perfect miter.
  • WORKS WITH ANY ANGLE – Measures internal or external angles from 0 - 180 degrees (miter angle from 0-90 degrees).
  • EASY STORAGE – Collapsible and foldable for easy storage in a tool box. Product measures 11” x 1.5” x 1.5”.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Built to last, this angle finder will be a workshop mainstay for years.

“The great feature of the BORA MiteriX is you can measure an existing angle on a piece of furniture or the inside or outside corner of a wall, and then transfer that exact angle to your miter saw,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager of BORA’s parent company Affinity Tool Works . “For example, if you’re cutting crown molding, cornice molding, wood casing, base board, or trim for a wall, and the angle you need isn’t a perfect, preset angle, this tool will save you hours of frustration and will ensure you cut it right the first time.”

The BORA MiteriX 530401 retails for $40.00. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit or call 866-588-0395.