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Bosch GIM 60 and GIM 120 Digital LevelsLevels & Measurement

Bosch GIM 60 and GIM 120 Digital Levels

Finding the most precise angles on the jobsite just got easier and more accurate as Bosch unveils its GIM 60 and GIM 120 digital levels, a complete tool overhaul that advances the category.

With their illuminated, rotating flip display, IP 54 protected housing and unmatched angle accuracy, these Bosch digital levels take functionality and durability to new standards.

The Bosch GIM 60 is two feet long, just the right length for installers and finish carpenters who have to measure and level on the jobsite. The GIM 60 offers an illuminated display that rotates and tilts for better readibility, regardless of the angle or ambient light. It also includes an improved user interface for convenient alignment, calibration and access to units of measure. The GIM 60 is a direct replacement for a bubble level in any application.

The Bosch GIM 120 is four feet long and meets installer, carpenter and electrician needs for measurement accuracy in framing, construction of ADA ramps and countertop installation. It features an illuminated display that automatically rotates and tilts for better readibility so users can see precise measurements, regardless of the angle or level of ambient light. An improved user interface makes for convenient alignment and calibration, and easy access to information about units of measure.

“We completely redesigned our new digital levels to be easier to use, more durable and more functional than ever before,“ said Stephanie Dahl, product manager, measuring tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “From great illumination and tilt display to precise digital accuracy, this updated line is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding trade professional.“

The Bosch GIM 60 and Bosch GIM 120 are now encased in IP 54 protected housing, offering a more robust and durable level. This design limits exposure to the dust, dirt and moisture often found on jobsites and keeps the levels working hard for 80 operational hours using standard alkaline batteries.

The GIM 60 and GIM 120 levels offer accuracy and functionality far beyond traditional levels. The design delivers more features in an easy-to-use, precision package that delivers angles within a +/- 0.05° accuracy at both 0° and 90°. Plus, pros can take all measurements in degrees, percentages, imperial or metric units.

Bosch digital levels also allow users to apply field calibration anywhere to ensure consistent accuracy. Additionally, Bosch digital levels offer a hold/copy function that can freeze a measured value on the screen, copy it and save it to the tool’s memory for recall later. This capabilitiy enables precise calculations of
specific angles.

The Bosch GLM 60 and GLM 120 offer audible signals and alignment arrows that tell the user when they’ve reached alignment values. The levels also emit the tone and include aligment arrows at 0°, 90º and any held measurement. Both Bosch levels include a protective carrying case.

To learn more about the Bosch GIM 60 or GIM 120 Digital Levels or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.