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Big Foot Tools Magnetic Pea Shooters

Big Foot Tools, the largest saw adapter company in the world, recently released their New Magnetic Pea Shooters.

Big Foot Magnetic Pea Shooters are designed so that you can not only finish driving nails in hard to reach places, but also completely drive a nail from start to finish.

The magnetic barrel holds the nail in the tip of the tool allowing anyone to nail overhead, straight down or even sideways and reach in places you just can’t swing a traditional hammer.

This tool is a must for any carpenter who is doing pick-up work on any framing job, or concrete form workers nailing in tight spots. The Pea Shooter eliminates dragging your ladder around the job site, not to mention climbing up and down the ladder every time you see a nail head sticking out, or drive nails in spots not previously accessible. Just place the nail in the tip of the tube to start and slam the slide hammer to get the nail flush.

The Pea Shooters are compatible with nail sizes 3D to 30D, with a nail head size 13/64” to 7/16”.
• The Magnetic Tip Pea Shooters come in two sizes, 24” and 36”
• Magnetic pull force of 2.72 lbs hold any nail
• Beveled tip to prevent mushrooming
• Soft grip handle for easy handling
• Zinc coating to prevent rusting
• All steel construction
• 100% MADE in USA down to the rubber handle

The 24” Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter has a suggested MSRP of $32.99, and the 36” Magnetic Tip Pea Shooter has a suggested MSRP of $42.99 and can be purchased through local retailers, if available, or online from various distributors shown on our website

Big Foot Tools in Henderson NV is the largest saw adapter company in the world and is marketed under the Big Foot brand. Big Foot Tools was started in 1989 with its 10-1/4 inch adapter kit which is still a top seller today amongst a variety of other productivity increasing tools marketed towards the professional construction market. Big Foot Tools prides itself in offering outstanding customer service and unbeatable quality tools. All of Big Foot Tools Saws and Kits are hand built in the USA and continue to be the professional framers choice when it comes to larger format saws and productivity increasing tools.