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KOUL TOOLS EZ-ON 454 Hose Press Hose Assembly Tool

KOUL TOOLS has announced that their EZ-ON Hose Press Model 454  for 1" to 2" barbed fittings will be available in May of 2020. It features the same patented vise clamp and lead screw drive system found on their 409B model but scaled up for larger sizes. The new 454 model is compact, lightweight, and has the power to handle difficult hose assemblies. Just like the 409B, it is operated with a small impact gun or ratchet, allowing you to do hose assembly in almost any location imaginable.

According to the owner of KOUL TOOLS, Dick Raczuk, the development of a larger hose press was not in the plans, but rather the result of demand.

"We came out with the smaller 409B model after I saw a friend struggle to put fuel lines together for his racing boat. Then people were asking for a tool that would do 2" and 3" hoses. After throwing around a few design ideas, I realized just scaling up the 409B model was the best option."

Pricing and Availability

• Retails for $895

• Available May 2020  • Phone: 928-854-6706

Located in Lake Havasu City, AZ, KOUL TOOLS manufactures an assortment of hose assembly and sealing tools for the automotive, marine, industrial, and aircraft industries. For more information visit: