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FEIN Starlock OscillatingTool Accessories  

FEIN accessories for oscillating power tools with Starlock tool mount have been launched. They allow users to work up to 25% faster and achieve more precise results.

The inventor of oscillating power tools is continuing almost 50 years of development with new saw blades. The FEIN E-Cut Precision bimetal saw blades have the fastest cutting speeds in the market. They meet the high standards of professional users because of their low wear and service life that is 3 times longer.

FEIN accessories with Starlock tool mount

FEIN developed the new tool mount with Bosch, providing users with a uniform standard. The Starlock mount provides maximum power transmission and noticeably faster work progress, due to its three-dimensional geometry and remarkable rigidity. Users will work more evenly and smoothly with Starlock.

FEIN has also made further improvements to its range of accessories for oscillating power tools. FEIN is the only manufacturer of Starlock accessories to equip every E-Cut saw blade with a rigid stainless steel holder. It ensures maximum rigidity and extremely precise saw cuts.

In addition, all E-Cut saw blades have a chip space to discharge any chips. Holder and saw blade are firmly attached in state-of-the-art welding plants. Starlock accessories work with oscillating renovation systems from FEIN (MultiMaster, MultiTalent, SuperCut) and Bosch, as well as other manufacturers' machines with 12-point mounts. This makes Starlock accessories compatible with most machines in the market.

New generation of precision saw blades with Japanese teeth

The new FEIN E-Cut Precision saw blades with bimetal teeth are developed for demanding cutting work, even in hardwood. They are the fastest E-Cut saw blades on the market and have a service life three times longer than previous precision saw blades. Their double row of Japanese teeth ensure a precise cut with uniform high cutting speeds, even with higher numbers of strokes.

They are differentiated by a new, patent-pending tooth geometry. The outer teeth are shorter and specially ground to prevent tooth breakage, even under heavy loading. The saw blade material is also new and improved.

The cutting teeth are made from extremely robust, high-performance high-speed steel (HSS) and the blade is made from temperature-resistant high-carbon steel (HCS). FEIN E-Cut Precision bimetal saw blades are available in 1.37 in, 1.77 in, 2.17 in, or 2.56 in cutting widths.

Three performance classes for Starlock accessories

Starlock accessories are being offered in three classes to match the power of the chosen machine: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax.

  • Starlock covers the lower power range and is compatible with all FEIN oscillating power tools as well as other manufacturers being sold today.
  • StarlockPlus works optimally with all FEIN oscillating power tools and all multifunction tools with a StarlockPlus mount.
  • StarlockMax (available from April 1, 2016) is the right choice for very powerful oscillating power tools, such as the FEIN SuperCut Construction, and all multifunction tools with a StarlockMax mount.

With the new coding system, FEIN ensures that only accessories that match the performance of the multifunction tool can be attached, preventing overload. Accessories for lower performance classes also fit machines with more power.

The FEIN MultiMaster and the MultiTalent work efficiently with Starlock and StarlockPlus. Every accessory category can be used on the FEIN SuperCut Construction. In addition, accessories with 12-point mount continue to be available for the highest-performance oscillating power tools.

Largest accessory range for oscillating power tools

As the inventor of oscillating power tools, FEIN has developed machines and accessories for this tool category for many years in close collaboration with users. Customers not only benefit from the high quality of saw blades manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities at the company headquarters in Germany.

FEIN also provides them with the largest accessory range for oscillating power tools, with over 100 different parts for countless applications in interior construction and renovation. Many accessories, such as the 4.5 in dia. backing pad, a tile joint cleaner, a profile sanding set and a sanding finger, are patented and only available from FEIN. FEIN is the only Starlock supplier with 0.2 in solid HSS saw blades suitable for bodywork in its product range.

In addition, FEIN has converted the circular HSS saw blades for wood and metal to bimetal teeth. They achieve approximately 30% faster cutting speeds in wood. The new saw blades achieve cooler, more smoke-free cuts, especially in thicker and very hard parquet materials. Due to their offset shape, they are suitable for cutting close to an edge or shortening door jambs.

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