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OX Tools PU10 Diamond BladeBlades

OX Tools PU10 Diamond Blade

The new OX PU10 cuts the most common materials found on a construction site. It cuts quickly due to its continuous rim design that features an edge that is serrated, giving the blade faster cutting speeds while maintaining a smooth cut. 

“Diamond blades are very expensive when compared to abrasive wheels. While the initial cost is enough to scare off some purchasers, what is important is the cost per cut. Abrasive wheels have a very short lifespan, and the diameter decreases with wear, reducing depth of cut and are not effective when cutting harder materials. So, users can consume up to 50 abrasive wheels to one diamond blade,” said John Diplock, managing director of OX Tools.

Additionally, the reinforced center plate offers increased safety while the vibration dampening means quieter cuts. Available from 4-14 inches, these blades can cut granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, concrete products and metal.