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Spyder Tools 3X3 Double-Sided Reciprocating BladesBlades

Blades: Spyder Tools 3X3 Double-Sided Reciprocating Blades

Spyder Tools has expanded its unique line of rounded tip, double-edged blades with a longer-lasting, cobalt-strengthened version. Spyder’s 3X3 double-sided reciprocating saw blades allow uses to plunge cut and make multi-directional cuts with ease, even through metal.

Spyder has taken its unique 3X3 design, with its double-sided cutting surface and rounded tip, and added 8% cobalt for longer-lasting, tougher cutting. With three cutting surfaces: the traditional bottom edge, the top and the rounded tip, these blades allow users to get the most productivity. The double-edge blade allows for multi-dimensional cuts without flipping the saw over. The rounded tip makes plunge cuts easier, eliminating the need for pilot holes. With two cutting edges, users also get double the cost effectiveness.

Spyder has increased the strength and durability of the design so users can tackle more and tougher jobs. These blades are designed to cut wood with nails, pipe, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and other common construction materials.

Manufactured in Germany, the 3X3 Blades come in multiple tooth configurations for various cutting tasks that include:

  • 6” – 6x10 TPI
  • 6” – 10x14 TPI
  • 6” – 14x18 TPI
  • 8” – 6x10 TPI
  • 8” – 10x14 TPI