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Diablo The Game Changer Carbide-Tipped Metal Cutting Recip BladeBlades

Blades: Diablo “The Game Changer” Carbide-Tipped Metal Cutting Recip Blade

Diablo Tools announces “The Game Changer” campaign as their industry-first carbide-tipped reciprocating blades for metal cutting. Whether you’re cutting mild steels or extreme metal alloys, these blades slice through the material, saving the professional time, money and effort.

“These blades are truly changing the game of metal cutting,” says Russell Kohl, President & CEO of Freud America/Diablo. “The Game Changer blade is radical improvement in cutting all metals as well as expanding new applications that other reciprocating blades have not been able to cut before, such as cast iron, stainless steel, and high strength alloys. These blades are extremely versatile, providing premium performance for construction pros, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and even first responders for vehicle extrication.”

Diablo originally launched this blade in early 2015, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from tradesmen and remodelers dubbed this blade the “game changer” for their profession. To tell that story, Diablo recently launched a microsite,, for tradesmen to share their thoughts of the blade.

“For years users have struggled with poor performing bi-metal blades, meaning they must purchase and use more blades to complete the job,” says Russell Kohl. “The radical 20 times better performance that our carbide-tipped Steel Demon blades delivers saves professionals from wasting dollars on countless standard bi-metal blades that aren’t up to the task.”

“The Game Changer” reciprocating blades feature:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBIDE for greater durability and cutting performance in thick metal, cast iron, stainless steel, and high strength alloys
  • ENHANCED CARBIDE TIP TO BLADE CONNECTION for extreme impact resistance
  • 1 INCH OVERSIZED BLADE BODY for straighter cuts with less vibration
  • PERMA-SHIELD® NON-STICK COATING for less heat and friction

These blades are now available in four lengths which includes a new 12” version: 4” (Item# DS0408CF), 6” (Item# DS0608CF), 9” (Item# DS0908CF) & 12” (DS1208CF)

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