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Kalamazoo Machine Tool H360A Automatic BandsawStationary Tools

Stationary Tools: Kalamazoo Machine Tool H360A Automatic Bandsaw

The Kalamazoo Machine Tool (KMT) Model H360A Fully Automatic bandsaw is engineered for demanding production sawing applications. The saw is engineered as a one piece unified construction so the machine maintains alignment and accuracies throughout its' entire life, ensuring a +/- 0.008-inch feed accuracy.

The saw is fully hydraulic, with a shuttle barfeed and heavy-duty carbide guides. The saw features mitering capability up to 60º right in automatic and up to 45º left in semi-automatic, variable blade speeds from 55-330 fpm.

The powerful operator’s control system allows access to important sawing data and makes setup quick and easy. Optimum cutting rates are attainable with controls over the saw pressure and sawing speed. Infinitely variable vise clamping pressure are standard equipment, as is a top clamp to facilitate holding and cutting multiple pieces.

A CNC controlled version, the H 360A NC is available. The Numeric Control transforms our standard automatic into the easiest-to-use programmable sawing machine available today.