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Lincoln Electric HELIX C450 and C663 Orbital TIG Weld HeadsPipe Tools

Pipe Tools: Lincoln Electric HELIX C450 and C663 Orbital TIG Weld Heads

The Lincoln Electric Company is bringing welding operators in refineries, power generation and pressure vessels a single system solution for welding various pipe and tube sizes with the new HELIX C450 and C663 weld heads.

With these orbital TIG (gas tungsten arc welding) clamp-on weld heads, operators not only can weld large diameters with no upper limit; they also can weld smaller tubes and pipes with outside diameters ranging from 1.315 to 6.63 inches. The new weld heads are designed for use with the company’s APEX 2100 orbital welding system, which includes all the welding components required for orbital TIG welding.

The HELIX C series orbital TIG, clamp-on weld heads are engineered to perform consistent and repeatable welds. The HELIX C450 weld head is designed for pipes and tubes with outside diameters of 1.315 to 4.5 inches, while the HELIX C663 weld head is designed for 1.9 to 6.63 inch diameters.

They are rugged, compact and easy to install and position on pipes and tubes. Most importantly, the HELIX C series weld heads have a water-cooled motor housing and torch to ensure extended performance and greater cycle ratings in heavy-duty, high-heat applications.

The new, clamp-on heads are designed for use with the company’s new HELIX WF20S and WF20B orbital wire feeders. The new feeders use a precision wire-feed motor to ensure calibrated and consistent wire-feed speed through the length of the weld. The intuitive HELIX design allows the operator to change wire spools in under a minute, without tools.