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M.K. Morse Band Saw Blade 5-PacksBlades

Blades: M.K. Morse Band Saw Blade 5-Packs

M.K.  Morse Master Cobalt Bi-Metal Bandsaw BladesNew 5-pack boxes benefit distributors and end-users.

The M. K. Morse Company now offers their most popular bimetal portable band saw blades in easy-to-store and display 5-pack boxes that benefit distributors and end-users by reducing both inventory space and packaging waste.

With 65% percent more product in the box, distributors can increase sales per square inch of retail space with little effort and no additional merchandising. The box is re-usable so blades can be individually removed from the dispenser while unused blades remain protected until needed.

The 5-pack 44-7/8 inch (1140 mm) blades are available in a variety of straight and variable tooth pitches.

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